News & Activities

Hana is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and lawfully. We approach all our business activities with integrity, fostering the trust of our customer and society with sense of appreciation to our all stakeholders, partnership and employees.

Hana-AYT recreation committee arranged “2024 Hana Most Wow Party” to celebrate New Year and bring happiness to all Hana family.

Sport activities to motivate all employees to change habits and do more exercises.

The management representatives of HANA-AYT, K.Paitoon & K. Praphaphun attended the key event, MOU signing ceremony for Sandbox Engineering Project on Tuesday 6 February,2024 at Berkeley hotel. This is to develop and design syllabus for semiconductor engineering students. At the key event, HANA-AYT presented ”Upgrading Wafer /Chip Packaging & Testing and Semiconductor Application” to PSU competent engineering students.

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) received “Outstanding Award of Empowerment for Persons with Disability” award 2023. Mr. Anukul Peedkaew, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, delivered the award to Ms.Praphaphun on behalf of Mr.Sanjay Mitra (EVP, COO (Semi) & CMO) on December 1, 2023 (International Day of Persons with Disabilities). Hana-AYT has been receiving this Award for 11 consecutive years.”

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) received award for “Clean Food Good Taste Plus” on the presentation ceremony, August 3,2023 held by Ayutthaya Provincial Health Office, to comply with MOPH’s regulations which is the most tighten standard.

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) received the award from Mr.Theerasak Chomsiri, Vice governor of Ayutthaya Province on Friday August 11, 2023. in providing good welfare and benefits, occupational safety and environment, waste management clean food good taste, CSR program are well established.

HANA-AYT donated 100,000THB on November 26,2022 to Kantharalak Technical College in order to support for Education Equipment and we donated 100,000THB on December 10,2022 to Kalasin Industrial and Community Education College in order to support for Education Equipment

Hana AYT is the target of student career choice and got Award HIT from Non-Formal Education, Award for Disability Best Employer from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.On June 22, 2022, Mr. Thanaphoom Chailerk along with officials from Pranakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Employment Office and academic advisors visited Hana AYT to understand more about situations and trend of labor market, problems of hiring the operators, technicians and etc. in order to provide career choice and opportunity for their students in the future.

Hana Semiconductor Ayutthaya won the Outstanding Network Partner Award from Non-Formal Education, Chaophraya Pasak Regional, Year 2021 in providing educational opportunities to employees for School in Factory. The evaluation criteria are management system, activity support & promotion, performance and achievement. Congratulations!

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co., Ltd. received the Organization that Empowers Persons with Disabilities Awards 2021 for the 9th consecutive years on International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, 2021. Mr. Juti Krairerk, Social Development and Human Security Minister, delivered “Outstanding Award of Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities” in promoting equality for those with disabilities through job opportunities and better quality of life to drive Thai society sustainably.

On November 24, 2021, Ms. Praphaphun (HR Director) and Ms. Saowanee (Finance Director), on behalf of Mr. Sanjay Mitra (VP&GM), presented the donation in amount of 500,000 THB to Mr. Thapakorn Jittanoon, Director of Bang Pa-In Hospital. We, Hana Ayutthaya, truly believe that together we can stop the spread of Covid-19. At Hana, we live with new normal and maintain Covid-19 awareness. We thank all the medical personnel for the dedication during this crisis. We hope that this donation would help the hospital to overcome the covid-19 crisis and save more lives.

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) selected as the best practice company in IEAT. On November 15, 2021, Mr. Veerachai Nakamas, The Head of Governor Ayutthaya province along with MOPH officers and IEAT officers were welcomed to Hana Ayutthaya. The purpose of this visit is to show Hana Ayutthaya as the best practice and readiness for Covid-19 Prevention Protocols and Flood Prevention to ensure the Business Continuity Plan and Safety & Health of employees.

On October 25, 2021, Ms. Praphaphun on behalf of Mr. Sanjay (VP&GM) attended the dedication ceremony of Field Hospital (Phase 1) located in Bangpa-in Industrial Estate. There are 27 beds or in amount of 270,000 THB which supported by Hana Ayutthaya. There are 103 companies joined in this project with 1,000 beds capacity for Covid-19 patient. This Field Hospital scheduled to be operated from November 2021 onwards.

To make sure that Hana employees are safe from Covid-19, we continue to reserve Covid-19 vaccine as much as possible. Finally, Hana-AYT received vaccine quota from Social Security Office (SSO) for 1,306 HC. The vaccination from July to August 2021 with assurance of the National Communicable Disease Committee to provide first dose Sinovac and second dose AstraZeneca as the second. The two-brand-approach is believed to lead for a better protection against infection or becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect employees, Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) provided Sinopharm Alternate Vaccines from Chulabhorn Royal Academy for employees in recognition of seniority and loyalty of more than 19 years with contribution of 10% to support community total amount of 1,674,660 THB. In July 2021, a smooth journey for Hana employees to receive the vaccination at Rajthanee Hospital.

Mr. Juti Krairerk, Social Development and Human Security Minister, delivered Outstanding Award of Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities, award in Y2020 to Ms. Praphaphun on behalf of Mr. Sanjay Mitra (VP&GM) on December 3, 2020 (International Day of Persons with Disabilities). Hana Ayutthaya has been receiving this Award for 8th consecutive year.

There was an accident that one of our coworker’s house was burnt down, as a Hana Family, we raised “Friends help friends” Project for all to support and as soon as Mr. Richard, our CEO knew about this, he also willing to help and to our appreciation we were able to contribution in total amount of 63,734 Baht given to help that employee on October 23, 2020. We wish him and his family a rapid recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic, a global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 that spread all over the world and Hana’s concerned was to protect our people from the severe disease. Therefore with ECM, VP&GM and AYT’s Management kindness, Hana produced Face Shield for Hana employees and donated to four hospitals; Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, Thammasat University Hospital, Phra Nakhon Si Ayuttahya Hospital and Wangnoi Hospital along with PPE suit in total amount 600,800 baht. This would help protect our people as well as society.

Ms. Praphaphun on behalf of Mr. Sanjay(VP&GM), receiving “Outstanding Award for compliance to the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act” awarded by Ayutthaya Provincial Office on December 25th, 2019

Ms. Praphaphun on behalf of Mr. Sanjay joined Prasattong Mini Marathon 2019 along with 75 of Hana Employees on December 21, 2019. This mini marathon’s organized by Prasattong Subdistrict Municipality Office. All of income after expense will be donated to Bangpa-in Hospital. Please join us in congratulate to one of our employee, Ms. Nareerat for wining 3rd place runner up of Mini Marathon 10km.

On December 3, 2019, at Government House, Santi Maitri Hall, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-OCha delivered Outstanding Award of Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities award in Y2019 to Mr.Winson M. Hui President and Chief Operating Officer of HANA Group. The award was launched to honor HANA Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co.,Ltd that continuously OUTSTANDING support persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness & equality for 7 consecutive years , as it was the International Day of Persons with disabilities.

On October 9, 2019, Hana Ayutthaya managements along with Hana employees joined CSR activity: To free the Life of Cattle and Buffalos Charity Project. We got the donation from Hana employees in total amount of 155,365 baht which spent on buying two cattle and two buffalos (one of them is pregnant) from Slaughterhouse. All of them have been given to Royal Cattle Buffalo Bank for Farmers.

Hana Ayutthaya donated 210,000 THB to The SET Foundation, supporting education for needy students in Thailand. The foundation has been awarded as maximum 5-Star rating for Transparency, Efficiency and Good Governance by Giving Back Association. The donation was given to 21 students as a scholarship for 2 semesters. Ms. Areenee, on behalf of Mr.Sanjay, VP&GM, and employee representatives honored to present the scholarship. The ceremony has been organized on July 19, 2019 at Takfa Technology and Management College, Nakhon Sawan Province.

On October 24, 2018, Ms. Saowanee, on behalf of Mr. Sanjay (VP&GM) and representatives from Hana Ayutthaya, gave a donation of 200,000 THB to the Association of Persons with Physical Disability International to purchase wheelchairs and tricycles and distribute them to disabled persons over the country.

On October 24, 2018, Ms. Saowanee, on behalf of Mr. Sanjay (VP&GM) and representatives from Hana Ayutthaya, donated 10 sets of computers valued at 200,000 THB to CCD (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities in Thailand). While there, they also joined the children doing small activities like playing with Play-Doh as this helps them strengthen their fingers, hands, and wrists. In addition, children gain control over their hands and arms movements which improves coordination and also builds their imagination. We hope that this donation will bring them fun, happiness, and knowledge.

On October 19, 2018, Scholarships Ceremony at Takfa Technology and Management College, led by Ms. Suparin on behalf of Mr. Sanjay (VP&GM), gave a donation 150,000THB to the SET Foundation. The donation was separated as a scholarship for 30 students. We truly believe that education is important and we would like to give an opportunity for them to gain knowledge and skills needed for their future.

The Buddhist Lent Day, or Wan Khao Phansa period, consists of three lunar months during the rainy season when monks are required to remain in one particular place. Most activities on Wan Khao Phansa are similar to other Buddhism Holy days. Two main important rituals presented to the monks are candles and a monk’s garment, especially the bathing robe. This year Hana Ayutthaya organized “The Buddhist Lent Day” on July 25, 2018, led by Mr. Richard Han (CEO) and Mr. Sanjay (VP&GM).