Electronics Manufacturing Services Company Vision Statement: HANA Microelectronics Group

To become the electronic manufacturing services’ company of choice, by providing world class quality manufacturing through a diverse field or related disciplines.

To create long-term shareholder value in a manner which minimizes fluctuations in earnings; to develop and promote our employees’ wellbeing; to create strong customer satisfaction; to be a good corporate citizen maintaining high corporate, environmental and social practices for the benefit of all stakeholders, and to enable a culture of innovation enhancing business, social and environmental success.

1. Develop and foster our human resources base for continuous expansion and in order to meet the ever changing demands of the market and for their own personal career paths

2. Build strong and long relationships with our core customers to foster continuous growth

3. Understand our customers’ demands and endeavor to meet them

4. Continuously diversify our customer base, geographic and industry exposure in order to cope with fluctuations in economic cycles

5. Create and grow shareholder value through the distribution of profits and increasing returns

6. Conduct business with responsibilities, maintain integrity through business ethics and respect the rights of all groups of stakeholders

7. Promote innovative ways to enhance employees’ creativity focusing on social responsibilities, reducing environmental impacts and challenges adaption while developing business opportunities towards sustainability

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