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Corporate Social Responsibility

Hana recognizes that our long-term success depends on our ability to manage our operations soundly, efficiently in an increasingly complex environment, to create value for our stakeholders and to further contribute to society.


CSR Policy, Vision and Strategy

Policy: The board of directors has committed itself to support the corporate social responsibility, for stakeholders by conducting the business in an open, honest, and ethical manner. Hana and its subsidiaries recognize the importance of protecting human rights, consumer rights, environmental management, compliance with applicable laws, regulations and contribution to community development for long term success of the company, society and stakeholders.

Vision: To operate our business in harmony with society for the mutual benefit of our stakeholders and community.

Strategy: Hana's business environment is highly competitive. The company seeks to expand its sales and product each year and to continually improve the capabilities and productivity of it production processes. Whilst doing so the management and staff are mindful of the CSR policies and review each change to ensure compliance with the CSR Policies. In addition the company and its subsidiaries have established CSR committees at each plant with representatives from different departments which focus on the company's relationship and contribution to our stakeholders.

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