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Established in 1978, under the name of Minerva Trading Co., Ltd., in a small wooden house at Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok with 30 employees assembling L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) watch modules. The company changed the name to Minerva Electronics Co., Ltd., and subsequently to Hana Industries Co., Ltd.


Moved to assemble LCD (Liquid Crystal display) watch modules.


Established the factory in Ngang-Linchi Road to serve the giant Swiss watch combine SMH Group to assemble E-modules (Electronic module) for Q.A. (Quartz Analogue) watch movements.


Assembled complete watch movements from SMH Group and distributed to the Hong Kong watch market.


Established a new subsidiary, Hana Semiconductor (BKK) Co., Ltd. for diversifying business to support higher technology for IC (Integrated Circuits) assembly.


Moved production lines of Printed Circuit Board and Quartz watch from Ngang-Linchi plant to Laksi for support the expansion of Integrated Circuits (IC).

Established Hana Coil Co., Ltd. to operate product of wind coils for watch movements and expanded the winding coils for other electronic industries.


Changed the Company name to be "Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd."

Moved production lines of winding coils for watch from Laksi plant to Suthisarn plant.

Started the production line of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) at Laksi plant.


Established a new subsidiary, Hana Trading Co., Ltd., for import finished watches from Hong Kong.


Move Production Line of Integrated Circuits (IC) from Ngang-Linchi Road to Laksi Plant.


Moved Headquarter from Silom to Laksi plant as business expansion to a functional test facility.


Move PCBA, COB and Coil Winding Divisions to a new facility in the Export Processing Zone of Northern Region Industrial Estate in Lamphun.

Listed on Securities Exchange of Thailand and the company changed the name to "Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd."


Established a new subsidiary, "Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)" in China.


Hana Semiconductor's plant in Bangkok suffered a fire causing property damage of approximately Baht 300m.

Moved the production line of Integrated Circuits (IC) from Laksi plant to the new plant at Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, A. Bang-pain, Ayutthaya due to Laksi plant's damage from fire.


Hana Group acquired 100% of the assets of Olin Interconnect Technologies, a division of Olin Corporation of the US. The business which produced proprietary metal parts for the semiconductor industry, was reformed under the company Advanced Technology Interconnect Inc. (AIT)


Established a new subsidiary, "Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co., Ltd. in Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, A. Bang-pain, Ayutthaya Province.


Hana Coil Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company, was dissolved.


Established a new subsidiary, "Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (JiaXing)" in China located in newly developed Economic Zone in Yangtze River Delta, approximately 100 km. Southwest of Shanghai. Main products are PCBA and IC.


Completed THB 300m expansion of Lamphun plant for an additional building of 10,000 sq. meters, which increased the floor space available in the Lamphun plant by 60%.

Advanced Interconnect Technologies (AIT) had been sold to Unisem.


Hana Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company, was dissolved.

Completed the expansion of a 3,000 sq. meters as an additional building for THB 100m at the Ayutthaya plant to provide additional capacity.


Hana Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) in China, a subsidiary company, was dissolved.


Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co., LTD, a 100% owned subsidiary of the company, located in Hi-tech Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya, was inundated in early October 2011 as a result of the extensive flooding in Thailand causing major property damage and significant business interruption losses.


Started the new manufacturing construction in Sahaphat Group Industrial Park, Lamphun province with Baht 800m construction costs.

Established "Hana Microelectronics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.", a 100% owned subsidiary of the company and started the new manufacturing construction at Koh Kong Special Economic Zone, Koh Kong province, Cambodia with USD 9m construction costs.


The company registered the changing of its headquarters from the address no. 10/4 Moo 3, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Kwang Talad Bangkhen, Khet Laksi, Bangkok due to the land lease expired, to be 65/98, Soi Vibhavadi-Rangsit 64 Juction 2, Kwang Talad Bankhen, Khet Laksi, Bangkok. The new office is located on land owned by the company.

Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co., Ltd. received the final payment from flood insurance claim. The total amount insurance settlement payable was for the property damage Baht 1,042m, stock damage Baht 199m and business interruption Baht 1,750m.


Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd. started the operation of the new manufacturing plant located at Sahaphat Group Industrial Park, Lamphun province which is the second manufacturing base in Lamphun. The main products are for assembling Semiconductors and Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

Hana Microelectronics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. started the operation in September, initially assembling RFID access control readers and quartz crystals.


Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd., Sahaphat Group Industrial Park branch purchased the additional land located next to the existing factory totally 24 rai amounting to THB 72.3 million for future business expansion.