The missing link between fab-less microdisplay product design companies and optical system integrators.The acquisition of the S-Vision manufacturing plant in July 1999, provides Hana with the
technology and facilities to assemble the new 'video monitor on a chip' technology of reflective LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) microdisplays.Microdisplays have high potential as key components in large screen television and computer monitors, multimedia projectors, viewfinders for digital and video cameras, video headsets and handheld devices.

"Similar with Hana's other assembly business models, Hana Microdisplay Technologies, Inc. will focus on supplying independent assembly services to OEMs, in the new microdisplay industry"
.....Richard Han, CEO, Hana Group.

Hana Microdisplay Technologies, Inc is located in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA , 20 minutes drive from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University.
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